Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

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What makes OLNICA unique?

“We are at your side, there to support you in
protecting your rights”

Nicolas Kerbellec


OLNICA supplies unique and innovative technological solutions, capable of protecting the property of companies and governments, their brands, their products, and the supply chains, for combating counterfeiting, fraud, misappropriation and theft.

We work with you to build the best authentication system for protecting your brand and your products. We take into account all the constraints of your industrial process in order to offer you the most efficient system possible.


Molecular Taggants, specific fluorophores, connected detectors, cloud, digital breadcrumb trails: we supply all the authentication systems necessary, whether visible or invisible, from a simple inspection system through to unique-code taggants, which can be used for taking legal action against counterfeiters.

What is OLNICA?

Since 2010, OLNICA has supported its customers in their security approach to their products and materials. The OLNICA team supports companies and governments in defining and implementing taggants that guarantee the authenticity and unique traceability of their products.

Having received several awards for its Molecular DNA technology, OLNICA can offer its customers expertise and an adaptable technology to guarantee a superior level of security.

OLNICA stands for:

  • a dynamic, high-performance and agile team;
  • high-level technologies suited to the constraints of our customers;
  • an international footprint that ensures proximity to our customers and their problems.

Discover our team

Some key statistics


  • ISO 9001:2015 certification for all our activities, products and services, delivered by AFNOR Certification.
  • Food contact approval for OLNICA’s molecular taggants delivered by EFSA.
  • Partnership signed between SGS Brand Protection Services and OLNICA to ensure authenticity of goods.


  • €1.1 M raised in funds, equity investment from Breizh Up.
  • Signed 2 international contracts for supplying u-Trace® unique taggants and associated services.


  • Signed a Breizh Lab agreement; opening of an office in Shanghai, China.


  • Signed a Breizh Lab agreement; opening of an office in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
  • Equity investment from Socomore Ventures, a subsidiary of Socomore.


  • Equity investment from Starquest Capital.
  • Signed 3 national and international contracts for supplying u-Trace® unique taggants.


  • OLNICA tops the mark of 15 million tagged products.


  • Founding of OLNICA, and equity investment from Business Angels, Logoden Participations.
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Whether you want to secure your IP, protect your brand against fraud, or better serve your customers, OLNICA has a solution to help you grow.



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