Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Authenticity : Smartphone application for product authentication



AUTHENTICITY delivers a secure, smartphone-based authentication system.

As a genuine authentication tool for your experts, AUTHENTICITY helps you to combat fraud and counterfeit goods by conducting your inspections directly in situ.

Straightforward and easy to use, AUTHENTICITY requires an OLNICA taggant to be built into your manufacturing process, which is subsequently detected by an electronic authentication device connected to your application.

With an immediate result and relevant data immediately stored, AUTHENTICITY is a proactive security and authentication solution for your products.



The AUTHENTICITY security solution comprises:

  • A Covert technology taggant

Built into your manufacturing process, the taggant is specifically designed to meet your requirements in terms of both incorporation into products and detection.


Our Covert technologies


  • A special mobile app, available for iOS and Android

The app can be adapted to include any specific graphics and technical needs. Easy to use, it has a “Training” mode for use during staff training sessions. It offers a range of export methods to make production of forensic authentication reports a simple matter.

  • An OT-2 or OT-3 authentication device

Securely managed and connected to the app, these authentication devices are designed for the specific analysis of the OLNICA taggant signature used to make your product secure.

  • A secure cloud

The results of the check are provided immediately, and data is backed up directly onto your secure cloud. You can access checks conducted at any time, using a map of daily or weekly results.

Our experts in industrial property protection will work with you to understand your needs and identify your goals. An outsourced support for the establishment and training of your team, you will be proposed to ensure the successful integration of AUTHENTICITY in your industrial process.

Other services that complement AUTHENTICITY, such as digital investigation to locate counterfeit goods, or a date-and-time-stamping and authentication service for the digital documents using blockchain, could be added to the solution OLNICA offers.


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