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Olnica teams with Oberthur Cash Protection for full traceability on stolen banknotes.


60 000+ systems around the world


Customers in 70 countries


ATM attacks down by 82%


Billions of banknotes protected

“With 1.3 billion different unique codes, Olnica’s taggant technology had the capacity to meet our requirements for unique-code taggants in every single one of our products.”

Patrice Rullier, Oberthur CP Managing Director
Customer experience

Protecting cash in ATMs

Oberthur CP, international leader in Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS), partnered with Olnica to meet regulations requiring a unique taggant for cash transportation and ATMs.

Oberthur Cash Protection designs and manufactures intelligent cash protection systems and security solutions for the cash-in-transit, financial, ATM and retail markets throughout the world. Using advanced technology to detect an attempted attack or theft, Oberthur CP protects cash by permanently marking it as stolen, thereby making the notes worthless.

It’s not surprising that IBNS is increasingly becoming a standard – it’s effectiveness is well-proven. However, for police labs to be able to connect seized stolen banknotes with the exact robbery in which they were taken, staining systems must also incorporate unique-code taggants.


Olnica helps Oberthur meet regulatory requirements

Facing a new French Ministry of the Interior regulation requiring unique-code taggants in every one of their ICSD cassettes, Oberthur Cash Protection called on the specialized expertise of Olnica.

“With 1.3 billion different unique codes, Olnica’s taggant technology had the capacity to meet our requirements for unique-code taggants in every single one of our products. The fact that the Olnica Taggant is derived from rare earth elements is also a plus – we need an unalterable solution for traceability reasons.” Some taggants, those based on DNA for example, are not as robust or resistant to light, heat and other environmental aggressors. Olnica Taggants are extremely stable over time and do not react to any chemical or mechanical interventions, ideal for integration in Oberthur’s ICSD.

The technical and scientific expertise of the Olnica Customer Success Team came into play as Olnica produced prototypes, tested them, then mass produced them for the ICSD – a “process that they made very easy,” according to Patrice Rullier. “I would highly recommend them as they were very quick to react and suggest solutions.”


ATM attacks plummeting across Europe

Detectable by government labs around the world, Olnica Taggants provide the forensic proof required to trace a theft back to its origins, go to trial and ensure the thieves are convicted.

Thanks to the combined technologies of Oberthur Cash Protection and Olnica, the deterrent factor in IBNS has increased exponentially. In France alone, where the Oberthur ICSD is standard, the number of ATM attacks plummeted 82% between 2013 and 2017, and have continued to decrease. Explosive gas attacks have gone down 84%. As countries around the world enforce the use of IBNS, and call on Oberthur for their solution, the number of physical attacks on ATMs, cash-in-transit and retail outlets using IBNS, are set to become rare indeed.


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Save lives - and assets

Statistics clearly show that the number of attacks is drastically reduced where unique-code IBNS is introduced, protecting the lives of those living and working near bank machines. And the physical assets.


Save money

Reduces money spent on collateral damage or insurance premiums. IBNS with the Olnica Taggant is far less costly than armouring up vehicles and hiring extra guards.


Win at trial

Detectable by government labs around the world, Olnica Forensic provides unassailable proof of the origins of a theft. Just what’s needed to convict thieves at trial.


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