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Olnica helps Phil@poste respond to EU tobacco directive requiring unique identifiers and security features on tobacco products.


500 employees


400 M€ total revenue


Millions of euros in tax revenue recouped

“In the EU specifications one of the suggested technologies was a taggant solution, and Olnica quickly revealed themselves to be a heavyweight in this area.”

Olivier Zuzlewski, Head of Production, Phil@poste
Customer experience

Security printing gets high-tech traceability

Philaposte is the leading security and stamp printer in Europe, specializing in postal and security stamps, including tax stamps, for an international clientele. Philaposte creates secure printed products to protect manufacturers and brands against fraud and make counterfeiting more difficult.

When the EU handed down the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU, requiring a new traceability system and security features for tax stamps on packs of cigarettes, the company looked around for a partner.

While Philaposte had years of expertise in forgery-proof fiscal products, it needed a partner to develop the traceability aspects. And fast – the new tobacco stamps had to be in place within 2 years. “When it came to track and trace technology and cloud-based data handling, that was all new to us – we needed a partner who knew what they were doing,” explains Olivier Zuzlewski.


Seamless integration with existing processes

After discussions with Olnica about the type of ink and varnish it wanted to use, Philaposte carried out several tests. The integration of the Olnica solution into the company’s security printing process was done very quickly and efficiently, without any problems. Thanks to the ongoing support and recommendations from Olnica’s Customer Success team, Philaposte has since been able to keep the manufacturing process of its new stamps humming.


First to market with forgery-proof tax stamp

Olivier Zuslewski says, “The experience was effortless, and the responsiveness of the Olnica Customer Success team was really impressive. Given that the directive had tight deadlines, we had to send a prototype to European customs authorities very quickly. Olnica was so efficient in delivering the track and trace solution that fit with our printing processes, we were the first supplier to get our new tax stamps approved by the technical team at Customs.”


Olnica Solution


Olnica Taggant


Olnica Software

  • Olnica Secure Track & Trace Cloud



First to market

Leveraging Olnica’s proven track record and efficiency in integrating solutions into industrial processes, Philaposte was first to market with a secure track and trace tax stamp.


New markets opened

Philaposte increased clientele in the market of tobacco manufacturers, eager to implement secure tax stamps.


Govt recoups millions in tax

Tobacco products are now marked with a unique identifier, so national authorities can track and trace movements of the packs across the legal supply chain in the EU.


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