Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Molecular taggants : Securing cash and assets

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“DNA is what makes humans unique, we use Molecular taggant to make your products unique”

Nicolas Kerbellec


The single currency of the euro zone and the free circulation of citizens mean that thieves enjoy greater mobility and easier money laundering following ATM heists.


This is also the case for agricultural machinery, worksite machinery and jewels, all of which can be sold on quite easily thousands of miles from where they were stolen.


To make it easier to demonstrate the ownership of a product, as cash and assets, European police forces need evidence linking the stolen product to its owner.


OLNICA’s “Molecular taggants” enables to secure cash and assets in a unique way that meets this need. These robust taggants are recognized as proof in a court of law, providing you with the guarantee of ownership of the stolen product.


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