Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Guardian : Unique forensic authentication to fight against fraud



GUARDIAN is the solution enabling you to definitely authenticate your products in the marketplace. Based on the fit between unique numeric coding technology and digital and physical forensic authentication tools, GUARDIAN delivers a unique security solution which is exclusive to each of our customers.

Where fraud is suspected or complaints are made, GUARDIAN will provide the irrefutable evidence necessary to defend your business’ industrial property rights.



The GUARDIAN solution comprises:

  • Unique Forensic Molecular taggant (More than 1.3 billion codes available)

Able to be directly incorporated into the manufacture of your products, unique molecular taggants become the molecular DNA of your products. Our experts will offer you the unique numeric code taggant that will best meet your security requirements, production constraints and detection needs.


Our Forensic technologies


  • A blockchain platform for authentication of digital data

In addition to the physical evidence provided by the unique code taggant, OLNICA uses a date-and-time-stamping and authentication service for the digital documents related to the production of OLNICA taggants and our customers’ products. Based on the use of the Bitcoin blockchain, our tool is user-friendly and can be used anywhere thanks to its secure web interface.

  • A number of Forensic authentication solutions to authenticate your unique code

OLNICA offers several forensic authentication methods:

– In-house authentication: training of a special team inside your firm (hardware must either be available or acquired);

– Authentication by OLNICA itself: conducted in OLNICA’s laboratory;

– Authentication by an approved partner: with its worldwide network of approved partners, OLNICA can offer you to have your GUARDIAN forensic authentication carried out directly by a nearby laboratory.

Our experts in industrial property protection will work with you to understand your needs and identify your goals. An outsourced support for the establishment and training of your team, you will be proposed to ensure the successful integration of GUARDIAN in your industrial process.

Other services  that complement GUARDIAN, such as digital investigation to locate counterfeit goods, could be added to the solution OLNICA offers.

Now used in several industries, GUARDIAN is the technological solution that will supplement your existing industrial property protection strategy.


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Unique Signature by GUARDIAN

  • Make your handwritten signatures secure using molecular taggants

Handwritten contract signatures are even now still a cornerstone of business and legal life for companies and government departments.

It is therefore necessary to be able to guarantee signature authenticity to combat document fraud, by ensuring irrefutable evidence of authentication in the event of legal proceedings.

We have produced a unique pen so you can affix your signature with complete peace of mind.

The secure ink inside the pen contains a unique molecular taggant with a formula we have date- and time-stamped using the Bitcoin blockchain.

Using this pen, you are guaranteed to be able to authenticate all your signatures with no alteration to the taggants over time.


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