Anti-counterfeit for aeronautics

Olnica delivers a sophisticated Track & Trace System to secure your supply chain and protect the integrity of all parts of your planes. So that public safety is safeguarded.

Anyone in the aeronautics industry understands that its complex global supply chain, and outsourced manufacture of vital parts make it vulnerable to counterfeiters.

An investigation initiated by a U.S. aerospace company that supplies flight control systems to Boeing discovered that a Chinese subcontractor was producing improperly manufactured parts. They had been installed in commercial Boeing 777s around the world, and even the production records had been faked.

A compromised part in assembly threatens the safety of passengers, and the hard-won reputation of the airline. In addition, there is a high cost and complexity in preventative maintenance on critical engine and structural costs.

How do you locate compromised components that endanger public safety? And how do you reduce maintenance costs and keep the fleet flying longer?


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

Olnica delivers a Secure Track & Trace System that exposes fake components and adulterated materials across your supply chain. So you can protect your manufacturing base, your supply chain and everyone in the air.


  • Olnica Audit to assess your initial state of readiness and vulnerability to the risk of counterfeiting.
  • Olnica Customer Success team to accompany your team every step of the way from initial system design, to adoption and ongoing usage.

Readers and software

  • Olnica Flashlight, the Olnica Sensor reader, the Olnica Pocket Lab
  • Olnica Authenticate and Olnica Integrity mobile apps for iOS and Android that ensure no adulterated or fake product makes its way into your final electronic products.
  • Olnica Cloud enables everyone in your business to monitor activity related to counterfeiting across your global supply chain, upstream and downstream.

A safer, optimized aircraft


Passengers protected

Reassurance that passengers – and those that pilot them – are fully protected, and potential disasters averted.


Secured supply chain

Ensure that all of your materials and components are authentic. Protect your partners and their IP investments.


Reduce costs

Keep reducing costs by shifting from preventive to predictive maintenance, and by maximizing time in the air.


Peace of mind

Peace of mind that you have the right robotic checks in place to ensure no fake or compromised component makes its way into your aerospace product.

Olnica customer - Safran

Olnica is working with Safran to develop an innovative solution to facilitate maintenance of critical engine and structural parts.

The two companies are developing a solution that inserts the Olnica taggant in extremely precise areas of any metallic aerospace engine or structural part, with micron level precision placement of the Olnica taggant.

By applying the taggant to areas with anticipated wear and tear, the solution will enable ultra-precise preventative maintenance of critical aerospace parts.

Any part that emits an Olnica chemical signature indicates to maintenance operators that it must be replaced.

With the Safran and Olnica solution, the global aerospace industry is set to take a leap forward in blending molecular tagging and additive manufacturing to enable next generation preventative maintenance that reduces the cost and complexity of ultra precise aerospace maintenance.

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