Safeguarding high-value electronics

Olnica delivers a Track & Trace System that secures your supply chain and your manufacturing base and protects your intellectual property.

The electronics industry, worth $481 billion, evolves quickly, making it a juicy prospect for counterfeiters. And as it’s a key tech enabler for the entire global economy, its vulnerabilities are passed on to a wide range of goods.

A substandard element can threaten the integrity of a finished product, and if that element serves a critical function, it could pose a serious danger to the end consumer.

Finally, the costs of product recalls – even when just one component in an electronic product has been forged or diluted – are extremely high. Not to mention the damage done to the brand name.

But most fakes in this industry are not visible – how do you even find them in your supply chain?


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

Olnica delivers a Secure Track & Trace System that exposes fake components and diluted materials across your supply chain. So you can protect your intellectual property, as well as your partners and end-consumers.


  • Olnica Audit to assess your initial state of readiness and vulnerability to the risk of counterfeiting.
  • Olnica Customer Success team to accompany your team every step of the way from initial system design, to adoption and ongoing usage.

Readers and software

  • Olnica Flashlight, the Olnica Sensor reader, the Olnica Pocket Lab
  • Olnica Authenticate and Olnica Integrity mobile apps for iOS and Android that ensure no adulterated or fake product makes its way into your final electronic products.
  • Olnica Cloud enables everyone in your business to monitor activity related to counterfeiting across your global supply chain, upstream and downstream

Identify and eliminate rogue suppliers


Secured supply chain

Ensure that all of your materials and components are authentic. Protect your partners, upstream and downstream from your company, from rogue suppliers.


Peace of mind

Peace of mind that you have the right automatic and manual checks in place to ensure no compromised component makes its way into your assembled product.


Brand protected

Reassurance that your intellectual property – and your customers – are protected. And your brand’s value is intact.


Fakes weeded out

You are armed to continuously identify and eliminate rogue suppliers from your supply chain, now and in the future.


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