Protecting wine, spirits, tobacco and legal marijuana

Olnica enables secure printing of excise stamps and labels to protect taxed goods.

As a public authority, you face untold excise losses due to illicit trade in tobacco, wine and spirits, and legal marijuana products. There is also a cost to society: the threat to public health and the funding of criminal organizations.

Given the high sticker price of these items, as well as their tax value, they’re frequent targets of counterfeiters who use advanced printing technology to forge tax stamps.

But given that criminals now have access to the same advanced technologies you do, how can you stay a step ahead of them?


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

Olnica delivers a Secure Track & Trace System that starts with high-security tax stamps to protect manufacturers and brands against fraud and make counterfeiting more difficult.

Olnica certified excise stamps from high-security printing partners, including Philaposte, used by the French government for stamps on tobacco products.

Ink used for security printing includes a food-contact approved taggant that will never harm consumers.

Governments maintain control of supply


Illegal products tracked

National authorities can track and trace movements of these products across the legal supply chain everywhere.


Legal operators protected

Legal manufacturers and distributors are protected, important as they ensure products are compliant with health and safety regulations.


Rapid ROI

Start seeing metrics in your dashboard in days, and take action for continuous improvement in weeks.


Recoup millions in taxes

Finally measure the cost of counterfeiting, and recoup the taxes lost to criminal organizations that should go to the state.


“Olnica was so efficient in delivering the track and trace solution that fit with our secure printing processes, we were the first supplier to get our new tax stamps approved by the technical team at French Customs.”

Olivier Zuzlewski, Head of Production, Philaposte
Olnica customer Philaposte

Olnica helps Phil@poste respond to EU tobacco directive requiring unique identifiers and security features on tobacco products.


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