Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Industrial property : Securing Raw Materials

securing raw materials against counterfeiting


“If you have sold plaster for the price of sugar, and you have been able to make your fortune without getting into trouble, you will become a parliamentarian,
a Peer of France or a minister!”
Balzac, Le Faiseur (“The Maker”), 1840


The quality of materials plays a key role in the design of new products. The technical characteristics afforded by materials enable us to meet ever more demanding performance requirements which in turn needs to securing raw materials ever more effectively. Yet it is not uncommon for technical specifications to be disregarded by the “maker”. They may take liberties in diluting or replacing the material with another material of inferior quality in order to boost margins without assuming the risks, leaving the manufacturer to make up consequent losses.


Loss of traceability due to movement of material flows between different intermediaries therefore becomes a major source of problems for the brand owner. The need for material traceability and authenticity control is, accordingly, becoming ever more pressing.


OLNICA offers customised security for your materials. OLNICA’s u-Trace® range of unique molecular taggants as well as its d-Trace® taggants range guarantee the authentication and non-dilution of your materials. True to our claims, all OLNICA systems, solutions and technologies are developed in compliance with the ISO 12931:2012 standard on performance criteria and authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods.




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