Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Fight against conterfeiting : securing industrial products

industrial products counterfeiting


Counterfeit industrial products constitute the second-largest source of counterfeiting after food products. These counterfeits are a threat to the security of both goods and people, the jobs at any companies impacted, and national security. Providing physical proof of property rights adds an additional layer of proactive security to measures protecting intellectual property.


For optimal product protection, companies need to implement security measures guaranteeing the demonstrable authenticity of their products and, conversely, enabling reliable identification of counterfeit products, anywhere in the world.


OLNICA offers product security measures suited to your needs and featuring the best systems and technologies on the market, thanks in particular to its Unique taggants range: Molecular DNA. OLNICA has 1.3 billion unique formulas of Molecular DNA ready for the security of its customers’ brands. OLNICA’s systems are in compliance with the ISO 12931:2012 standard on performance criteria and authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods.


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