Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Anti-counterfeiting measures : our success

tap water avoid health problems

“I need to know if this product is mine”

OMEGA (alias name) is one of the biggest plastics materials companies in the world. It manufactures materials and products guaranteeing end-user food safety. These products include solid and multipurpose pipes for drinking water supplies.

OMEGA observed that some of the claims made against it by way of its distributors seemed to be linked to products that were not its own. The pipes in question did not possess the technical qualities of OMEGA pipes but bore all the usual traceability elements.

OMEGA called upon OLNICA to define a strategy to guarantee the traceability of the piping material and detect, if necessary, cases of counterfeiting.

They opted to use an OLNICA Molecular DNA. Thanks to its unique code and its robustness, it could be directly integrated in the manufacturing processes of the various factories around the world without changing the chemical and physical properties of the product, and with no alteration over time.

Over several years, OMEGA was therefore able:

  • to reject several complaints linked to products that were not its own, considerably reducing the cost of claims processing;
  • to detect several distributors who were buying counterfeits from another manufacturer more cheaply;
  • to boost its revenue through better control of its distribution network.
banknotes robbery

“DNA helps us find people; let us do the same for banknotes”

In several countries around the world, the law requires the use of protection mechanisms for banknotes, whether for cash transportation or for ATMs.

For police force laboratories to be able to make the link between banknotes that have been stolen and then seized after an arrest, and the robbery in which they were taken, banknote protection mechanisms are increasingly expected to incorporate unique-code taggants.

Thanks to its 1.3 billion different unique codes, OLNICA’s Molecular DNA perfectly meets these demands. Detectable by all government laboratories around the world, they provide the technical and scientific proof required for legal proceedings.

Since 2014, OLNICA has supplied its taggants to those responsible for protecting banknotes, and provides its support to experts in various police forces around the world in the detection of its unique codes.


conformity check goods in transit

“I want more security to gain more control”

DELTA (not its real name) is one of the biggest beer producers in the world. Its beers are well-known, and are subject to much counterfeiting and transcontinental trafficking.

Seeking to improve its anti-counterfeiting system and combat the grey market, DELTA called upon OLNICA to implement a more suitable multi-level security system.

Firstly, DELTA wanted to obtain the guarantee of being able to determine if a cargo of beers was indeed its own. Secondly, in order to be able to combat the grey market, DELTA wanted to be able to identify the distributor from which an unauthorized cargo originated.

DELTA already had a traceability system in place, yet it had no Covert and Forensic authentication systems.

OLNICA therefore suggested the implementation of a multi-level system based on several OLNICA Molecular DNA formulas. The OLNICA authentication tools enable rapid inspection of cargoes and, when required, the analysis of the unique codes makes it possible to track back to the product source.

To date, the inspections carried out have made it possible to successfully validate 100% of detected counterfeiting cases, and have also enabled the company to track back to three suspect distributors.

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