Olnica Readers

Put The Lab In Your Hand

Olnica readers work seamlessly with our molecular taggant and software. Perform automated checks in your plants and supply chain. Or carry out manual checks anywhere.

Olnica Senor

Olnica Sensor

The Olnica Sensor is a lightweight UVB device that can easily be inserted into your production process. Anywhere that requires automatic authentication and product integrity checks.

Olnica Flashlight

Using UVB, the lightweight, portable Olnica Flashlight enables easy, visual identification of your products by any employee or partner worldwide.

Olnica Pocket Lab

Lightweight and portable, the Olnica Pocket Lab puts power previously only available in expensive, bulky authentication devices into the palm of your hand. It connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone, then using the Olnica Apps, you can authenticate products, or check dilution levels, in seconds – something that you needed to destroy a product to do before.

Olnica Lab In Box

Olnica Lab in a Box

Get forensic-level authentication – previously handled by sophisticated labs – right there where you need it. Our state-of-the-art forensic lab, for 100% guaranteed authentication for legal action, can be shipped anywhere you are. We’ll train your teams too.


Olnica Pen

Fight forgery with the Olnica Pen, a luxury Faber-Castell Pen whose ink cartridges contain a unique Olnica molecular signature, tied to your name in the secure Olnica Blockchain. Your secret Olnica signature – one of 1.3 billion unique chemical codes – is  accepted as legal proof of authenticity by law courts worldwide. On par with human DNA.

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