Olnica Taggant

The Invisible Taggant That Makes Counterfeit Visible

The Olnica Taggant is world class. Based on rare-earth elements, it encodes more reliably, at scale, with 1.3 billion unique signatures available. It is invisible to the naked eye – it doesn’t change a product or a material’s characteristics - and can be seen only with a dedicated reader.

Insert everywhere Olnica Taggant - Insert everywhere

The Olnica Taggant is incredibly flexible as it can be added to materials as wide-ranging as ink, paper, cardboard, 3D metal, concrete and cement, varnish, coatings, adhesive, plastics and textiles, and can be printed on security labels and tax stamps.

Food-contact approved Olnica Taggant - Food-contact Approved

It is non-toxic, and is approved for contact with food. It’s ideal to insert into plastics or paper for safe, secure food packaging.

Robust Olnica Taggant - Robust

Based on rare-earth elements, the Olnica Taggant is highly robust. Unlike DNA, it’s inorganic, which makes it much more resistant to industrial processes like grinding, pressure and intense heat. It also doesn’t age under UV light.

Discrete Olnica Taggant - Discrete

Incredibly discrete, the Olnica Taggant is odourless, colorless and invisible to the naked eye. It is made visible only by a specific UVB light, not the conventional UVA lights. Highly stable, it doesn’t change a product or material’s characteristics in any way, and only requires a tiny amount to be effective.


A Taggant Insertable Everywhere

While the Olnica Taggant is as unique as DNA – with 1.3 billion unique signatures available – it’s much more robust. It resists light, high heat and extreme conditions, and is stable over time, ideal for the rigors of industrial manufacturing processes.

The Olnica Taggant can’t be removed or reverse engineered. It’s non-toxic and food-contact safe, and naturally, it doesn’t harm the environment.

It can be inserted into any number of materials or products:

Olnica Taggant - Printring


Can be used in a number of low and high-security printing processes in ink, digital ink, flexography, helio-engraving, engraving, offset printing, pad printing, screen printing, lithography, inkjet printing, in Mettler Toledo serialisation machines, high security printing (tax stamps and labels).

Olnica Taggant - Paper cardboard

Paper and cardboard

Can be inserted in pulp, paper and cardboard products, and is compatible with size press processes.

Olnica Taggant - 3D print metal

3D printing metal

Given the increasing number of applications for 3D printing, including for high-value aeronautics and automotive parts, it’s reassuring to know that the Olnica taggant is perfectly adapted.

Olnica Taggant - Varnish

Varnish, resin

It can be applied in varnishes, coatings and resins to any number of materials, from concrete pipes for the oil and gas industry to luxury accessories. It is insertable into all types of glue and adhesives as well.

Olnica Taggant - Plastic


In the plastics industry, it can be used in processes including blow moulding, injection moulding, blow film, thermoforming, rotational moulding and welding. Certified safe for contact with food, by the EFSA, it’s insertable in all types of plastic.

Olnica Taggant - Textile


The Olnica Taggant works effectively for textiles, whether applied as a varnish to thread, or as part of synthetic fibres. Making it ideal for applications in the branded clothing industry.

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