The Fight Against Counterfeit In A Global Economy


Losses due to global counterfeiting are estimated at 1.82 Trillion USD for 2020


Net job losses due to counterfeiting around the world will reach 5.4 million by 2022


Fake drugs kill more than 250,000 children a year


The trade in counterfeit and pirated goods now represents 3.3% of global trade

What You Can’t See, You Can’t Solve

Branded products are now vulnerable to counterfeiting at every step in their life cycle, from the production line, to the assembly line, to the retail outlet and beyond.

You first need to identify vulnerabilities in your value chain – weak spots that counterfeiters are eager to exploit.

Once you can pinpoint fraud – like counterfeiting, product diversion and dilution – you can act to eliminate the fakes and protect your brand.

Multiplying Risks But No Solution In Sight?

Most anti-counterfeit solutions have failed at securing the entire value chain. They remain costly, hard to assemble, and difficult to maintain.

measure the problem?

You have a hard time measuring the scale of the problem and the money lost, let alone honing in on the trouble spots, where counterfeiting happens.

make the money count?

After losing millions to counterfeiters, you’ve been forced to spend millions more on solutions that didn’t solve the problem – often to meet regulatory requirements. All without a clear ROI.

pull it all together?

You might have a few track and trace technologies, like RFID, QR codes or holograms, that do part of the job. But they’re expensive, often incompatible, and fail to fulfil the anti-counterfeit promise.


You Need an End-to-end Solution That Makes Counterfeit Visible

To effectively combat counterfeit, a fully-integrated solution is the only one that will arm you with the tools to see the entire picture, and completely secure your supply chain from start to finish.
Taggant Readers Software Blockchain-protected data in the Cloud Online dashboard an Integrated Solution

You Need a Solution for Your Full Business

Do you have an anti-counterfeit solution for one step in the life cycle, or one that handles them all?

Counterfeit Material

Fraud begins on the initial production line. A branded product might be compromised by a counterfeit component, damaging the quality of the finished product, such as substandard plastic powder that goes into the manufacturing of food packaging.


Another problem is adulteration, when highly-engineered materials are diluted – an antistatic plastic in the electronics industry for example – and sold as a 100% genuine material by a dishonest manufacturer.

On the Assembly Line

Further along, as complex products are assembled from multiple parts from multiple suppliers, insertion of just one fake or diluted part in the assembled product jeopardizes the end product. This could put consumers at risk.

In Retail Outlets

Continuing down the line, counterfeit products are slipped into distribution networks and end up being sold as the real thing in retail outlets. Further damaging the value of your brand.

In Grey Markets

Authentic products are sometimes diverted to the grey market – sold outside their official distribution channels. They are then sold to consumers at lower than usual prices, also compromising the brand.

On Secondary Markets

Fraud doesn’t end with the sale of the finished product either. In the world of high-value consumer goods, fraudsters file false warranty claims on fakes, taking advantage of product replacement policies. In the luxury secondary market, convincing fakes are sent back to the manufacturer instead of the genuine article. Your brand’s value is eroded yet again.


Secure Track & Trace System

Olnica is the world’s first end-to-end Secure Track & Trace System that protects global brands against counterfeiting. With Olnica you enjoy end-to-end traceability, guaranteed authenticity and intellectual property protection, for all your branded products, on a global scale.
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