Test your protection level !
Test your protection level !

Product authentication against counterfeiting

Your brand and products are your most precious assets. We develop targeted anti-counterfeiting solutions for proactive security.

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Brand protection solutions for your materials

Upholding the level of quality of your products means turning to ever more efficient raw materials. Traceability measures suited to your needs are critical to preventing the risk of counterfeiting.

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Protecting your documents against fraud

The counterfeiting of high-value documents (such as banknotes, ID cards and passports) is on the rise worldwide. We provide solutions that guarantee their integrity and authentication.

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Anti-theft solution for your cash & valuable objects

Whether for cash transportation, ATMs or valuable objects, reliable and high-quality protection is becoming a necessity. This is why our unique-code taggants ensure guaranteed traceability.

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New tool developed for auditing industrial property

OLNICA is pleased to announce the arrival of its new tool for the control and audit of industrial property.
This tool, developed by the OLNICA’s experts, was prepared with an audit firm specializing in innovation.
The audits performed by OLNICA’s experts will enable our clients to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their approach to the protection of industrial property by integrating all aspects.
In order to be able to make an initial assessment, OLNICA has put on the website, a questionnaire allowing to make a first estimate.

Security features applied to tobacco products

The french custom office, for the implementation of the EU directive 2014/40 for the security of tobacco products, has selected a combination of 5 elements to appear on the tobacco packages from May 2019 in order to guarantee authenticity.

OLNICA is pleased to note that molecular taggants are part of the safety features.

Having already proven themselves for other activities, they will allow Customs, Police Experts and government, to check the integrity and validate the authenticity of the cigarette packages in circulation.

With a unique formula by manufacturer and a possible control of the dilution, the molecular taggants are today the most relevant legal proofs of the market.

Gobal Anti-counterfeiting Summit

OLNICA will present its products to fight against counterfeits at the Global Anti-counterfeiting Summit organized by SGS Brand Protection on June 26, 2018, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at City George V, Paris.

Come and choose from the panel presented, the best solution for your industry.

To get your free entry, contact OLNICA (contact@olnica.com) or SGS (brandprotection@sgs.com)

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