Olnica customer International Luxury Brand

International luxury brand

The subsidiary of a well-known luxury brand opts for Olnica’s complete authentication and anti-counterfeit solution for its metal accessories because it is completely invisible.


Revenue of 6.88 billion euros


15,417 employees


Active in 50 countries

Staying ahead of specialist counterfeiters

A subsidiary of an instantly recognizable luxury brand, specializes in the manufacture of very high-quality metal accessories – from jewelry to bag clasps – for one of France’s top luxury houses.


An urgent need to protect high-value products

In September 2020, ten people were convicted in Paris for having participated in the manufacture or sale of counterfeit luxury bags. These were specialist counterfeiters, able to convincingly reproduce the bag – a rare and expensive handbag from a French luxury house. Damages were estimated damages at 1.3 million euros.

Happily, a bright spot in the fight against counterfeiting had recently emerged for French luxury. One of the luxury brand’s recently acquired subsidiaries, had just put in place an innovative new anti-counterfeit solution. The high-quality metal accessories manufacturer had been eager to protect their existing expertise against counterfeiting and the gray market.

Their aim was to be able to detect and authenticate the genuine product from a counterfeit one and identify the original manufacturer, and this, from anywhere in the world. Olnica’s Secure Track and Trace System proved a solid differentiating factor as they negotiated the sale of the company to the well-known luxury house.


Luxury products need a tailored solution

Olnica was chosen because of its technical expertise in anti-counterfeit solutions. First, the fact that the robust Olnica Taggant is entirely invisible – important in an industry in which the appearance of products must be flawless. Secondly, that this taggant had a unique signature – not able to be copied by a competitor. And thirdly, that it could be detected in the field by anyone along the value chain or distribution network with the Olnica Pocket Lab.

Including the Olnica Taggant in the lacquer, part of the finish of the metal pieces, quickly emerged as the best technique for the metal accessories. Because the Olnica Taggant is completely invisible to the naked eye – only able to be detected with a dedicated reader – it doesn’t interfere with the look and feel of the product.

The versatile solution is adapted to many of the metal manufacturer’s products, from bag clasps and closures, to embellishments and even jewelry. One of the newly-secured products is a popular pendant, in lacquered metal with a gold-plated finish.

During this process, the technical expertise of Olnica’s Customer Success team figured heavily – they have proven themselves effective at rapidly developing, testing and deploying a solution that respects the original quality of manufactured products. From start to finish the entire project didn’t take longer than 4 months.


The gift of Secure Track & Trace

The company arrived at the luxury company with a gift for their new proprietors – a complete highly-secure, anti-counterfeit and brand protection solution for all their products – a real competitive advantage.


Olnica Solution


Olnica Services

  • Olnica Customer Success designed unique solution.


Olnica Readers

  • Olnica Pocket Lab portable reader to authenticate in the field


Olnica Software

  • Olnica Authenticate app for iOS and Android to authenticate in the field
  • Olnica Secure Track & Trace Cloud to store data securely and read at-a-glance



Secure Track & Trace

The luxury brand can now track several products at the same time, according to their batches, their origins, destinations, manufacturers or distributors.


Versatile taggant

The Olnica Taggant can be integrated into almost any material – from textiles to plastic, leather to metal, ink to paper, making it perfect for products such as jewelry, watches, ready-to-wear, bags and leather goods, shoes, perfume and makeup.


Easy to use

Products can be authenticated by any authorized individual. Armed with the Olnica Pocket Lab device and the Olnica Authenticate mobile app, employees can check products from anywhere in the world.


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