FMCG: protecting consumer safety

Olnica provides brand-protection for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry that is safe, odorless, invisible and sustainable.

The dangers of substandard consumer goods are well-publicized, but what about their packaging?

When a chemical from packaging leaked into baby milk products in the EU, Tetra Pak and Nestlé had to pay an estimated 1.7m € to recall food packs because of contamination fears.

A compromised packaging component, like plastic that is in contact with a food, beverage or cosmetic product, threatens the product itself. And the consumers who use it.

How do you maintain quality control over every aspect of your product?


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

Olnica delivers a Secure Track & Trace system for the entire value chain, from


  • Olnica Audit for an initial assessment of your company’s vulnerability to fraud, an action plan to reduce risks from counterfeit.


  • Food-contact certified plastic from Olnica partners including Avient
  • Partnership with Mettler Toledo enables serialized QR Codes to be printed with an Olnica security ink. This ensures a second degree of protection against counterfeiting in addition to the serialized QR Code.

Readers and software

  • The Olnica Sensor reader, inserted into your manufacturing process or extended supply chain for automatic authentication and integrity checks everywhere.
  • The Olnica Flashlight enables anybody to perform first level identification of authentic products.
  • The Olnica Pocket Lab device and the Olnica Authenticate mobile app, which together enable employees and partners worldwide to do authenticity checks, used with the smartphone they already own.

Safer consumers mean enhanced brand value


Consumer safety

A food-contact approved taggant that will never harm your consumers, and an integrated solution that keeps your products and consumers safe.


Clean supply chain

Eliminate risk of compromised packaging materials entering your supply chain, both from the manufacturing side, and through tightened controls on distribution.


Cost savings

Legal costs are reduced, litigations are won much more quickly thanks to irrefutable proof of authenticity by Olnica.


Controlled risks

Carry out faster product recalls and simplify crisis management in the event of threats to consumer safety.


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