The Luxury Market: Protecting Value

Olnica provides invisible brand-protection solutions for the luxury industry that don’t interfere with the appearance or quality of luxury goods.

In the luxury industry, where the value of each item is high, products are both widely counterfeited or sold through unofficial channels. Fakes and gray market sales don’t just mean a significant loss of revenue for luxury brands – they pose a real threat to brand image. And now there’s a new challenge for the secondary luxury market: warranty fraud, or fakes being sold back to companies by unscrupulous customers.

In one day in 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Miami seized 10,788 counterfeit Gucci and Coach handbags in a shipment from China. Had they been genuine they would have fetched almost $5m USD.

Despite some track & trace technologies being put in place, like holograms or RFID, they remain costly, highly visible, and don’t solve the problem of counterfeit.


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

An end-to-end solution to expose and stamp out counterfeit from production to distribution, and beyond.


  • The Olnica Taggant can be inserted into any product or material – textiles, varnishes and resins, plastic packaging and more.
  • Partnership with Mettler Toledo enables serialized QR Codes to be printed with an Olnica certified ink. This ensures a second degree of protection against counterfeiting in addition to the serialized QR Code.

Readers and software

  • The Olnica Sensor reader can be inserted into your manufacturing process or extended supply chain for automatic authentication and product integrity checks everywhere.
  • The Olnica Flashlight enables easy first-degree visual identification by any employee or partner worldwide.
  • The Olnica Pocket Lab device and the Olnica Authenticate mobile app, which together form a powerful “lab in the hand” of all your employees and partners worldwide, used with the smartphone they already own.
  • Olnica Cloud ensures your management team enjoys a sweeping view of all activities related to tagging and tracing across all products, manufacturers, sales channels, and geographies.

Superior Solution To Protect Brand Value


Fast Deployment

The end-to-end system is quick to set up, and can be inserted anywhere along the production or supply chain.


Rapid ROI

Start seeing global metrics in your dashboard in days, and take action for continuous improvement in weeks.


See It To Solve It

Finally locate and quantify the cost of counterfeiting and diversion. Now that you can see where the problems lie, you can solve them.


Win Court Cases

Accepted by courts of law worldwide as irrefutable proof of counterfeit, Olnica helps speed up legal proceedings, saving costs.

Olnica customer International Luxury Brand

The subsidiary of a well-known luxury brand opts for Olnica’s complete authentication and anti-counterfeit solution for its metal accessories because it is completely invisible.


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