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From start to finish, Olnica is by your side as we implement your brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solution.

Olnica Audit

Developed with a top tier global auditing firm, the Olnica Audit analyzes your current level of protection against fraud. You get actionable recommendations to improve your level of security. The assessment serves as the
benchmark to help you later measure security improvement.

Olnica Customer Success

Our expert Customer Success team is by your side at every step of the way. Starting with initial audit, through the development of an action plan, inserting the Olnica Taggant into your product and connecting the software with your existing IT systems. We see to it that you hit the ground running, armed to take action against fraud throughout your value chain.

Olnica Forensic

When you need 100% guaranteed authenticity, Olnica Forensic is there. Trusted by leading European banks for their cash protection, Olnica Forensic delivers irrefutable proof of authenticity, respected by international courts of law. Using a unique identifier that no one else has, stored in the blockchain-protected Olnica Cloud, authenticated by our labs, you can win your case in record time.


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