All In One System

Designed under one roof, the Olnica Secure Track & Trace System includes everything brands need to effectively combat counterfeiting.

Olnica Taggant

The Olnica Taggant is world class. Based on rare-earth elements, it encodes more reliably, at scale, with 1.3 billion unique signatures available.


Olnica Software

Now anyone on your team can be equipped to root out counterfeit products. The Olnica Authenticate App and Olnica Integrity App enable their smartphones to carry out quick checks in the field. Data is sent to the Olnica Cloud. Protected by blockchain, you can read our dashboard at a glance. See it, solve it.


Olnica Readers

Olnica Sensor, Olnica Flashlight, Olnica Pocket Lab and the Olnica Pen were all designed by a team working hand-in-hand with the taggant and software teams.


Olnica Services

From start to finish, Olnica is by your side. From the initial Olnica Audit, you get clarity on where you’re going. Then the Olnica Customer Success team works with you at every step to deliver your solution.


Protect Your Products Throughout Their Life Cycle

Weed out fakes, substandard materials and unauthorized distribution channels by integrating the Olnica system at any or all steps during the life cycle of your products:

Mobile Adulteration Olnica Life cycle - Mobile manual check

As part of a mobile manual check in order to detect dilution and the level a product or material has been adulterated. Use the Olnica Integrity App and the Olnica Pocket Lab to instantly analyze materials and components in the field. For example, to ensure product or material conformity.

Encoding Check Olnica Life cycle - Automated Quality Check

As part of an automated quality check at the point of encoding, when the anti-counterfeit technology is applied to materials, product or packaging. For example, in a serialized QR code machine for pharmaceutical products.

Automated Check Olnica Life cycle - Sensor

As part of an automated manufacturing process, the Olnica Sensor reads and authenticates components and materials as they enter your supply chain or move along it. For example, checking the compliance of plastic before it’s made into packaging.

Mobile Verification Olnica Life cycle - Simple manual check

As part of a simple manual check at any point along the supply chain. Use the Olnica Flashlight to provide quick yes/no verification of identity in the field. For example, carrying out a spot check on a box upon delivery.

Mobile Authentication Olnica Life cycle - Manual check

As part of a mobile manual check for a higher level of authentication, or to distinguish different products and their sources at any point along the supply chain. Use the Olnica Authenticate App and the Olnica Pocket Lab to check you have the right product in the right place, to combat product diversion as well as counterfeit.

Lab Forensic Olnica Life cycle - Forensic

As part of a complete forensic analysis in a lab, to deliver 100% guaranteed authenticity, backed up by Blockchain security. Use when unassailable legal proof is required. For example, to provide irrefutable evidence in a lawsuit against counterfeiters.

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