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Armed with Olnica’s mobile apps, all your employees can fight against counterfeit. And our intuitive dashboard gives you the information you need to stamp out counterfeiting and tampering

The Olnica Authenticate App can be used instantly, without training. Bluetooth connects any iOS or Android smartphone to the Olnica Pocket Lab device.

Field operators can then use the app and the device to quickly check the authenticity of a branded product.

Download the Olnica Integrity App, then connect your smartphone to the Olnica Pocket Lab reader via Bluetooth.

Wave the Pocket Lab at any surface material and instantly get an estimate of the level of dilution of the material with an accuracy to 10%.

Available on the AppStore and on Google Play


Olnica Secure Track & Trace Cloud

The Olnica Cloud safeguards all your branded products’ unique Olnica identifiers in a trusted blockchain. It offers a dashboard that provides you and your team with clear stats on the number of altered or fake products identified, their location and more.


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