Building anti-counterfeit into the construction industry

Olnica’s Secure Track & Trace System secures your supply chain and protects the integrity of critical materials from counterfeit and fraud. Safeguarding public and worker safety. And your reputation.

You already know the use of counterfeit materials in construction has serious consequences for the safety of workers and the general public.

In the U.S., imported defective drywall used in residential construction in around 100,000 homes in 20 states caused occupants chronic health problems including headaches, asthma attacks and difficulty breathing.

Given the global supply chains of the construction industry, and lack of specification standardization, more needs to be done to protect businesses, workers and occupants. But how?


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

Olnica delivers a Secure Track & Trace System that exposes counterfeit or adulterated materials across your supply chain. So you can protect your workers and the general public from dangerous fakes.


  • Olnica Audit to assess your initial state of readiness and vulnerability to the risk of counterfeiting.
  • Olnica Customer Success team to accompany your team every step of the way from initial system design, to adoption and ongoing usage.

Readers and software

  • Olnica Flashlight, the Olnica Sensor reader, the Olnica Pocket Lab, and
  • Olnica Authenticate and Olnica Integrity mobile apps for iOS and Android that ensure no adulterated or fake product makes its way into your final electronic products.
  • Olnica Cloud enables everyone in your business to monitor activity related to counterfeiting across your global supply chain, upstream and downstream.

Protect your valuable reputation


Worker safety

Secure your construction sites by securing your supply chains.


Peace of mind

You have the right checks in place to
ensure no fake or compromised material makes its way into your buildings.


Fight back

Identify and eliminate the rogue suppliers that are endangering your workers, the public, and your valuable reputation.


Win legal action

With forensic-level protection, you can handle court cases faster, cheaper, and ensure that you win, anywhere in the world.

Olnica customer - VALLOUREC

Olnica helps the Vallourec counterfeit committee with a high-performance solution against counterfeit steel pipes.


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