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Olnica offers customized solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that outpace the advanced technologies used by criminal counterfeiting organizations.

In the pharmaceutical industry, fake drugs are literally killing people.

  • 72,000 and 169,000 children may die from pneumonia every year after taking counterfeit drugs (who).
  • Fake anti-malarial medication might be responsible for an additional 116,000 deaths (who).
  • 90% of suspected counterfeit drugs could cause harm to the patient (novartis).

While some measures, like QR code serialization, have been put in place, they don’t go far enough. A copied QR code on pharma packaging allows the drug inside to appear genuine.

Despite millions already spent on anti-counterfeit measures, the problem still exists and is growing exponentially.


Expose and stamp out counterfeit

An end-to-end solution to expose and stamp out counterfeit in the production and supply chain.


  • Olnica Audit to get the measure of the problem
  • Olnica Customer Success for fast implementation


  • Partnership with Mettler Toledo enables serialized QR Codes to be printed with an Olnica high-security ink
  • Olnica Taggant can be inserted in any type of packaging – from plastic to cardboard

Readers and software

  • Olnica Flashlight for quick first-degree visual identification by frontline workers
  • Stronger authentication of any medical product by frontline workers, including medical professionals and pharmacists, using the Olnica Authenticate app for iOS and Android connected via Bluetooth to the Olnica Pocket Lab reader
  • Olnica Cloud for a panoramic view of all track & trace activities worldwide for all products, channels and geographies.

For the welfare of all


Security is doubled

Serialized QR Code printed with molecular taggant ink on medical packaging ensures a second degree of protection against counterfeiting.


Covers entire value chain

Several levels of verification and authentication at every point of the value chain – from production to distribution to retail.


Safety for consumers

Consumers benefit from increased protections, lawsuits are won, intellectual property is protected and brand value enhanced.


Product recalls simplified

Product recalls are more specific and controlled in the event of a counterfeit medicine making its way into the supply chain.


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